Ryan Dougherty – Mixed media painting


Paper, paint, texture and color harmonize on canvas.

Old paper from 1900 – 1970 and acrylic on canvas.

Tattered walls that have been layered with a hundred years of wallpaper and paint convey a texture of time. The love of that texture sparks me to use old paper in my paintings. I create each work with recycled newsprint, old catalogs, journals, diaries and any type of old paper that can give the work balance. Nostalgic subject matter seems to be a focus currently, but always a subject that I think is fun and whimsical as art should be.

I have been painting in this technique since 2002 to hopefully give people art in their life that is fun and unique. My recent work continues to be inspired by the city around me; nostalgic images of technology, love for classic butcher charts, flowers, Japanese antique tin robots and objects from our everyday lives that are often overlooked. I strive to share the beauty of all of these objects through layering and depth of color. Through my work I hope to inspire a sense of appreciation for the beauty and vibrant energy of these objects.